Why No Harm Farm

Seven years ago we moved onto two acres of land that I had no idea what to do with, or why I felt so very compelled to live there. As a  woman interested (read: obsessed) in all things health: for ourselves, for each other, for the earth. I knew that I had to do right by this land. I did not want to exert my “landscaping” will onto the place. I wanted to leave it better than I had found it. I did not know how to to do that but I knew nature did. My question became how can I partner with nature to heal this land?


Permaculture Wisdom

When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.

This intention and question led me to take a PDC (Permaculture Design Certification) through Verge Permaculture. I learned invaluable tools on how to care for all stakeholders at NoHarmFarm including the soil, bees, insects, animals, plants, water, and people. As a result of that intention I have developed a compost system to deal with waste and build soil. We have a rain water catchment system and installed a swale to catch water at the back of our property. Through the installation of a food forest (huge shout out to Element Eco Design who we partnered with to make this dream a reality), I now grow a lot of my own food and medicinal herbs. We produce much of our own power including enough to charge our electric cars with solar panels installed on our roof. I also happily raise some incredibly entertaining chickens! Caught by total surprise was the fact that while I was busy working outside in nature my health improved dramatically. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. With my hands in the soil, my mind became clear. I was able to ask some important questions about what was working in my life and what had to be let go and “composted” to become something healthier, better.  My little two acre home has become No Harm Farm, transforming my passions to action. As I care for the land, it cares for me and my loved ones. We heal together. From this place, I discover more of who I really am and how I want to live out my days.  My hope is that NoHarmFarm becomes my legacy to my family, friends, and community to ensure that my footprint on the world is a gentle one and to share the surplus of what it so generously provides.  ​Grow with me.



Hey! Hello... I'm Terry-Lynn, nice to meet you! I am wife to my best friend, mother to three adult(ish) children, yoga and meditation teacher, former school teacher who left the classroom in pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle. My approach to life is simple and based on permaculture principles: 
care for earth + care for people + fair share
= empowered life

M.A. Education, Permaculture Design Certificate & YYT 500


"First, do no harm"