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Farmer's Market Class in Hood River, Oregon

We arrived in time to visit the Saturday morning Farmer's Market and this greeted us on our way in... I would love to become part of something like this in the Okanagan Valley - so if anyone knows of anything like this PLEASE let me know....

Met the owner/creator/author of this fermentation bus on wheels and she is BRILLIANT!

And so I bought her book because how cool that she has written a book and lives on a bus teaching folks all about fermentation???? Gonna start reading it right after we hike today...

The best part was that she was teaching a workshop about making kraut and we got to go into the fermentation lab on her super cool bus...

Here we are inside her bus/home/classroom/ride learning about how to make great kraut and it was a fantastic morning with Tara. I admire her commitment to her way of life and her approach to creating amazing food... (And I kinda always wanted to live on a bus too - but don't tell John)

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