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Cold feet, warm sips

So we are locked into winter here at No Harm Farm. While the view out of the windows is quite beautiful, the days are short, the dark seems endless and the cold bone deep. We were not feeling well over New Years and it was perfect because we simply checked out. We built fires first thing in the morning to stay warm and read books all day. And of course, we sipped hot drinks in an effort to soothe sore throats and calm congested coughs. I do love winter for the slowing down it demands. The body needs it, the brain welcomes it and the soul is soothed by it. While I embraced this winter hibernation by the fire wholeheartedly, I could not help but notice that the books I chose to read were some fave gardening books. No doubt this choice was reassurance to myself that as lovely as the winter time out is, it too shall pass. Reassurance that one day in the future I will be back outside amongst all of the life in the garden, food forest and herb spiral. Reading about gardening when there is nothing to be done in the garden is a luxury only the winter season affords. I was so grateful for the endless hours to read and dream about what might be next spring... 

Another gratitude list item during our reading marathon was the tea we were sipping. All of it was grown and gathered right here. There is something so very gratifying in that. It is made all the more special because there is not a lot of it. A few very special friends got some for Christmas and the rest we are carefully and mindfully sipping trying to make it last through the darkest days of winter at least. Next year I hope to gather more. It soothes the throat, warms the spirit and packs an incredible nutritional punch.

My winter blend consists of

Winter Tea Recipe: 

Lemon Balm tastes out of this world and calms the nervous system down Seabuckthorn Leaf contain antioxidants and anti-bacterial phytochemicals among many other benefits Rosehip contains vitamin Cflavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenols, catechins and other phytochemicals Nettles benefits skin, bone and urinary health to name a few...

It is by far the best tea I drink all winter long (and as an avid non-drinker of alcohol you would not believe how much tea I can put away!). We brew it and drink it as is no sweetener necessary. There is something so very lovely knowing that the leaves in the cup were all grown on site, with zero chemical inputs and no carbon footprint needed for packaging it up and then trucking it here. I do not have to wonder what is really in the tea that I am drinking as I have about other commercially produced teas. I will definitely be expanding my tea garden next spring.

​Nothing better than dreaming of garden possibilities while the snow is piling up outside... Oh and those two books: awesome reads and I highly recommend both for novice and experienced gardeners.

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