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Autumn Thoughts

Nature, in transition, is beautiful, made even more so when we remember that we are also part of nature and do well to follow her lead. Fall Equinox is a time where light and dark are equal. A time where, as the trees begin to shed their leaves, we are also invited to shed what we no longer need, allowing it to gently fall away.

We pause to notice and celebrate where we feel abundance in our lives... What is the harvest from the high flying, energetic activity of spring and summer? Autumn offers a time of contemplation, of reflection, of drawing inward, and of listening... We gain clarity for what we would like to manifest over the next few months... We might want to declutter our homes, as we declutter our minds...  ridding ourselves of excess no longer serving and inviting in new space, new life, new perspective… a shift perhaps, an opening to receive.

We watch as the natural world slows down, cools down, and we wisely take our cues from her. Cooling. Calming. Considering. Changing. Perhaps even a little bit of cocooning. We can resist and insist on continuing to move at the bright light speed of summer. We have that choice. We pay a price if we make that choice. Nature has a kinder, softer way for us. Autumn offers a more balanced approach. We begin to notice that with the passing of the endless light of summer, with the slowing of the garden, with the changing colour and the letting go of leaves, intuitively we mirror Her. The more we flow with the natural cycles of the season, the better our wellness and energy.

We know for sure that just as the seasons come and go… just as they cycle through, so does life.  There is a continual life – death – life cycle if we pay attention, where things that no longer serve us are shed, leaving an opening for new growth, new learning, new life where the old existed.  And just like the seasons, there are times in life for full celebration and bounty and there are times for getting more rest, focusing more inward, collecting our seeds. The more we flow with the natural cycles of the season, the better our wellness and energy. We are honoured to join with you as we contemplate the season and what it means to live life deliberately this autumn season...

We cannot wait to gather with women this Saturday and DELIBERATELY connect with autumn here at No Harm Farm... Head over to for more information and to register for the next gathering!

Wishing you cozy sweaters and steaming hot mugs of fall goodness!

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