• terry-lynn hemmerling

Next Steps...

Currently I am travelling through South America in a historical village with these huge boulders for cobblestones. It has been raining quite heavily and so navigating the cobbles without twisting an ankle or soaking shoes completely takes intense attention and present moment awareness. Look up for a moment or get lost in thought and your balance and dry shoes will certainly be at risk. Attention to the stones is a requirement if a pathway through is to be found. To take a look around at the buildings or people watch for a moment necessitates moving my attention away from the stones. The best way is to stop moving my feet and only then look up and around. As I have walked these cobblestone streets for the past few days, it occurs to me that the same happens in life. Attention to what is happening right now often reveals the best next step to take. A pathway forward is revealed step by step. I cannot see the way if I look too far forward and I am likely to stumble if I look backward. Attention to my very next step is the way through. It is a beautiful reminder as I slowly wander with care through these ancient pathways...

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