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Spring Memories

She is no more than 14 months old. In my memory, she is wearing her purple floral bathing suit - a favourite of hers for all occasions - and yellow rain boots. The photos tell a different story - such is middle aged memory... The very first spring flowers have popped up from the cool winter soil and this is her first time interacting with such wonder. She is mesmerized. Her parents, in their adulting state, have long forgotten the power of the first spring flowers and this tiny human is helping them remember. They are mesmerized by her. Knees bent into the grass, these tiny flowers hold her rapt attention day after day after day. Following her first discovery of them, she makes a beeline to them each time we venture outside. We try to distract her into doing other things, kicking a ball, riding a toy, the sandbox. Nothing holds her wonder like these flowers...

She is utterly magnetized to them. Her tiny being knows that it is right to be awed by this display of nature and she gifts these harbingers of season change, of spring, her rapt attention and her bottomless affection. Plastic balls and sandboxes cannot possibly compete.

In my garden now, decades later, these beauties have appeared once again and I am instantly transported back through the years to her wonder. I stop to notice and to be mesmerized by the miracle that they are, that she is, that life is. And then I wonder, who was the teacher back then - was I hers or she mine?

Wishing you many sightings of spring flowers to bring joy and remembering to your heart...


On another note, this Tuesday marks the Full Pink Moon. Here at WIL²D, we will be considering some rituals, thoughts and journal prompts around this full moon and where we collectively find ourselves at this moment in time. The Moon represents powerful feminine energy. It signifies wisdom, intuition, birth, death, rebirth, and a spiritual connection. Moon cycles are similar to the cycle of the seasons: winter was born, came to a full expression and now we are turning our backs to the cold season, as it dies away, to make way for the birth or rebirth of this new season: Spring...

As you may know, Tuesdays are a night many in our WIL²D community gather for some yoga, some meditation and some tea. We wish to invite each and every one of you - and anyone else who might like to join us- this Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Bring a journal if you like, as we will be sharing some journal prompts that have been speaking to us these days (see below). We have created and adapted (from some of our favourite teachers*) the following contemplations around this full moon as we consider:

*Releasing: What are you laying down at this time: fear, uncertainty, loss, anxiety, stress… may want to write it down…."I am releasing..." Sometimes the journal prompt that helps us get to the heart of things is "Right now I am feeling..."

*Inviting: dig deep - what is soothing you at this time? What self-care/energy/practices/commitments to yourself are you opening to? "I am supporting mySelf by..."

*Visualizing: a web or energy emanating/expanding from your heart. Allow it to reach out far and wide all around you.  Breathing consciously through the heart centre (imagining the breath coming in and going out at the heart) is a powerful breath practice. Bring to mind your family and friends, your community, the world beyond your community, your guides and your intuitive nature to be held in the light and heart centre at this time.

*Perhaps creating a SanKalpa - an “I AM” statement to align with your higher Self. For example, I AM SAFE, I AM CALM, I AM LIGHT, I AM HEALING, I AM STRONG, I AM CAPABLE, I AM SUPPORTED, I AM WELL...

Join us via Zoom! Light a candle, make a cup of tea, have a yoga mat, blanket and eye pillow available as we will end with a Yoga Nidra meditation.

Join WiL²D Zoom Meeting Tuesday, April 7 - 6:30pm until 8pm (PST)

Meeting ID: 488 969 068

Be well and know that you are each in our thoughts and hearts...

*Practices adapted from Heather Jo Flores and Mara Branscombe

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