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Walk lightly on the Earth...

fresh oranges for breakfast bought from the daily market...

Good Morning from Sicily!

I love to walk when I travel. For me, walking is the best way to really see a place. We do no less than about 14 kms of walking each day. This trip I am also considering the phrase, "...walk lightly on the Earth..." and while it is meant to remind us of how we are to care for our home and her resources, I am quite literally trying to walk lightly. The reason for that is that I have plantar fasciitis, which causes a lot of heal pain due to inflammation across the bottom of my foot. So, there is a very real effort on my part to walk lightly. This physical reminder, along with the my daily practices that help me live my life deliberately (writing, meditating & yoga) have me considering what it really means to walk lightly and a truth is most definitely emerging as a result. 

Travelling in one of the great food cultures of the world has provided much opportunity to observe this country's relationship to food. And I love it. I see an intersection between the most powerful thing an individual can do to address the climate crisis we face and how we eat. Eating is something we do three times each day. Industrial agriculture (our food system - think Costco, Safeway, Save On, mega farms, mono-cropping) is one of the biggest contributors of climate change and an insecure food supply. I can wait for my politicians to do the right thing or I can vote with my fork and adopt a more Italian approach to food. Food in Italy - for the most part - is locally grown. Markets happen on the daily - we stumble on them without even looking. Local food is better for all stakeholders and it tastes AMAZING. It is grown and prepared in a way that honours the people and the land. For those who eat this way, they enjoy far better health outcomes. It is win/win/win all the way around. My relationship to food, health and the planet is deepening as I watch this culture CELEBRATE with what they eat three times daily. 

This is the truth/vision that is emerging as I engage in my daily practices (writing, meditating and yoga) as I am literally walking lightly on the earth to protect my injured feet. I want to act on this vision when I return home to restore our injured planet. I can do what I can, with what I have, from where I am and I don't have to wait for politicians to act now. I am so damn excited to plan my garden, to grow my own food to the best of my ability, and buy local for what I cannot grow like the Italians I have been witnessing do. This vision of sharing what I am learning with others to this way of growing, eating, supporting local small-scale growers in our own valley is the best way I can think of to "walk lightly on the earth" and it is setting my heart on fire... 

So very thankful to be here and dreaming of all that could be, 

market that happens on the daily here providing people with locally grown food...

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